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About Seams Right

Mike and Kelli Barrett started Seams Right Auto and Marine Upholstery out of their garage in North Bend Wa in 1991. They decided to make the company mobile to get business from people that could not bring their Auto's and Boats to North Bend.

Seams Right purchased a step van and made it into a mobile upholstery shop. As business grew Mike and Kelli decided to move their family to Fall City, where they have property and built a shop for Mike to work out of. Mike does quality work and works for most of the local marina's and boat shops on the eastside. He has a great reputation and word of mouth is Seams Right's main source of advertising.

Mike prefers to do his communication by calling and scheduling estimates. As the electronic era is upon us he likes to have one on one conversation with people to assure them of the process he is going to take with their boats or cars or whatever job they may need taken care of.

Seams Right Auto and Boat Upholstery

Seams Right
Auto & Marine Upholstery - A Mobile Service
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